About Amanda

A former athlete, professional dancer, yoga fit coach and wellness enthusiast...

Amanda Jane motivates and inspires her clients to make life-changing breakthroughs, rediscover their own personal journey and lifestyle choices to live in a healthier body and mindset.  We work together to gain a clearer vision for the future.


Amanda Jane incorporates modalities such as yoga, fitness, meditation, breathwork, NLP, nutrition, detoxing and timeline technology to uncover the root cause of anger, lazyness, fear, sadness, guilt or lack of ambition in life.


Over the last 20 years, Amanda Jane has trained extensively with internationally acclaimed yoga teachers, Rachel Hull, Julie Martin, Shiva Rea and mentors like Tony Robbins, Dr Ranganga, Jeffrey Slater. She has facilitated hundreds of group retreats and worked with 1-1 clients all around the world. 


Amanda Jane's teachings focus on the root cause, trauma, behaviour or subconscious patterns that hold you back. We develop together greater confidence, more energy and increased mental power to identify your passions and talents.


Looking forward to meet you!

I had the pleasure of training with Amanda for a 1-month fitness and weightloss retreat.
I approached her with all of my health concerns and goals. Amanda took time to take all on board with a holistic approach to fitness and integrated her knowledge in nutrition and her yoga training through stretching exercises before and after each session, which I found very beneficial. She focuses on breathing, which I found equally as important  Her approach is gentle, however, at the end of the work out and the next day, you certainly feel the benefits. I really enjoyed my time training with Amanda and achieved the results I wanted and would like to continue again soon to reach my goals.  

Not only is she a good trainer she has a positive outlook on life and spreads her message daily with her positive affirmations and outlook on life.
Gina - Bali

It is my pleasure to share my experience with Amanda Jane. I travelled to beautiful Bali for two weeks to undertake a spiritual healing retreat with Amanda.

I was greeted at Denpasar Airport by her super helpful and friendly private driver who drove me to a luxury Villa accomodation where Amanda and her team welcomed me in the most heartfelt way. I instantly knew I had made the best decision there and then.

The next two weeks changed my life. I arrived broken hearted and in a high state of anxiety and despair. So affected by the personal traumas I had experienced. Amanda worked on me with daily sessions of yoga, mindfulness exercises, NLP, massages and excursions. 

Amanda is my very own earth Angel and holds a very very special place in my heart.
Fiona - Brisbane

Amanda is amazing! 

I attended her retreat in Bali and came home with an amazing sense of energy, warmth and fellowship. The people I met have became lifelong friends. Food was wonderful and nutritious, every morning started with an energetic workout. Yoga was tough (for me at least) until the Kundalini class, which I excelled at.

Looking back, this was an incredible experience. The retreat was structured, but also allowed time to venture out and explore the countryside and surrounding city(town)scape.

Highly recommended.

Mark Farwell, USA/Vietnam

We recently used Amanda for our @flatoutmum Bali Retreat & she was so inspiring.

She is approachable, knowledgeable and shares so much of herself & her knowledge during her sessions.

She managed our group of inexperienced (and talkative) yoga fans with expertise & humour.

We all loved her & she is a consistent request for future retreats.

Can't wait to see you again soon Amanda x
Olivia - Melbourne

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