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Noun. Self confidence, Self assuredness. As in basis for belief in oneself in a situation.

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?  Do you leap out of bed energised, ready to give the coming day your all?  Or do you wake slowly, your mind taking time to clear, feeling a little achey, desperately needing that first coffee, counting the days to the weekend?
We find over time stresses of daily life, toxins in our food & environment & emotional trauma can feel like they’re grinding us down.  We get physically tired and a bit unwell, often feeling bloated, gassy & dull eyed.  Our immune systems get run down and we become more susceptible to picking up viruses, which in turn makes us even tireder!  We can get emotionally jet lagged and feel irritable, depressed & intolerant.  We find it harder to laugh, harder to get a good night’s sleep, harder to be interested in things.
We call this process Losing Our Mojo and it sucks!   But here’s the good news, we have found five awesome tried and tested ways to periodically Recharge our Mojo so we’re looking after ourselves with love and kindness.  Here they are:
  1. Yoga

Different forms of Yoga have different positive impact on you physically, mentally and emotionally.  Vinyasa Flow and Ying Yang Yoga are great for replenishing energy, releasing toxins from your gut and other organs and improving blood flow.  Yoga also works to ground us in the present so we can appreciate this moment fully.  It connects us with our full potential and the universe’s intention for us, lifting us up spiritually.

2.  Alkalise
The PH of our body needs to be around 7 (fairly neutral; neither acidic nor alkaline) for our blood to work properly to carry oxygen and nutrients to our cells and organs.   These days many of the foods we eat, particularly fast foods, alcohol & sugar, cause our body to become acidic.  When we are operating in acidic mode we tend to experience low energy, digestive issues, brittle bones and hair, poor immune system.  This means most of us need to do some alkalising.  Good ways to do this are by squeezing fresh lime or lemon juice into the water you drink, eating plenty of raw leafy greens & sticking to whole grains like amaranth, quinoa, millet & chia.
4.  Juicing
If you are suffering from toxin build up and finding it hard to motivate yourself with energy, getting stuck into fresh juice can be a big help.  Juicing removes the fibre from the plants so that the nutrients are easily and quickly absorbed into your bloodstream, making it a great fix for even those suffering from poor digestion.  Steer clear of fruit juices and concentrate on veggies and citrus.  Beetroot is great for flushing your liver and clearing out toxins but high in sugar so combine it with celery, cucumber & lime.  Leafy greens are excellent, full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Try Kale, mint, ginger, turmeric & cucumber.
4.  Meditate
You don’t need to spend hours in the lotus position to feel the huge benefits of incorporating meditation into your daily life.  Meditation is time for you to connect with yourself and the universe.  It works to clarify the mind, soothe the soul and renew your energy.  An easy way to start including meditation in your day is just to spend 5 minutes every morning focussing on a single image – a particularly coloured flower, a sunset, the ocean. Fix the image in your mind and just concentrate on it, allow other thoughts to come and go as they please but always return to that single image.  Use this time to allow yourself to feel grateful for the many blessings in your life.
5.  Me Time
We spend so much of our time running around looking after other people, taking on extra work, showing up for the people we love, that sometimes we forget to take time for ourselves.  One of the most important things we can do to look after ourselves is learn to say ‘no’ sometimes.  We don’t have to say it angrily but sometimes we do have to say it.  A great interim tool can be to use ‘let me check my schedule and get back to you on that’, giving yourself time to consider if you really have the time, energy and inclination to do what has been asked of you.

We cover all this and much, much more on our retreats!  If you are struggling to find time and energy for your life contact us now at for an info pack on Bali Lifestyle and Fitness Retreats and get a turbo charged Reset for your Mojo!

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