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Top Tips for getting movement into your daily routine


Amanda Jane is our top Retreat Leader at Bali Lifestyle and Fitness Retreats. She is a certified yoga instructor, NLP practitioner, fitness trainer and break through life coach as well as practiced in the art of Theta Healing.  Amanda treats each person as an individual and uses her intuition to know which blend of modalities will have the most beneficial effect for you.

Here are Amanda Jane’s Six Top Tips for movement to improve the quality of your life, even if you spend most of your days stuck at a desk:

  1. Use the stairs, not elevators or escalators.
  2. Take walking lunches.
  3. Get off your chair every hour for 5 minutes and move. Touch your toes and stretch.   Side stretch and swing your arms from side to side at a fast pace, or side step at a fast pace. Create your own 5 minute ‘groove in the move’ time.
  4. Be mindful of your posture. To sit with a good posture you must pull up the pelvic floor muscles and hold the lower floating ribs in. Now that your core is engaged you will sit straighter.   Don’t forget to about your shoulders, are you holding your shoulders up towards your ears or down towards your chair? Towards the chair is much better.
  5. Get in the habit of moving your feet. Rotate your ankles one way then change direction. Flex your feet towards you then flex them away from you. Rotate your shoulders and wrists too.
  6. Try setting an alarm on your phone every few hours to pause and take a few conscious breaths.
Amanda Jane says:
“I have personally hosted or been part of over 1000 people’s exploration of self and potential over the past 10 years, both on a one on one basis, and in a retreat setting.  I have tremendous faith in the power of nature, good food and nutrition, physical movement, breathwork, spiritual growth and self care to heal each of us.  Some of us have been through traumatic experiences; abuse, bad break ups, difficult job situations, that we need to recover from.  All of us are affected by the stresses of modern life – emotional and physical toxins that can accumulate and block us from reaching our full potential.   We can be left exhausted, feeling unappreciated, unloved and unimportant.
It is my belief that we all have the capacity to be Rockstars!  It gives me great joy to guide people on their personal journey to discover and realise their true self.  The self that is powerful, unique, independent, loving and fulfilled.  Each time I meet someone that wants to work with me I am totally focussed on them – their needs and goals. For me it is not about getting a new client, but about supporting a beautiful human being with advice to suit their lifestyle and fitness level.   I believe also in handing on practical advice which can be easily incorporated into your daily routine to support what we do on retreat and in one on one PT sessions. “

These are small, manageable changes each of can make on a daily basis but it is our experience the quality of your life can improve drastically if you remember to incorporate them into your routine.  Our clients have reported reduction in migraines, improvement in metabolism, weight loss, increased mental capacity and duration of concentration as well as mood stabilisation within 2-4 weeks of making these tips part of their daily habit.

One of the greatest obstacles many of our clients complain of is lack of time.  Here Amanda Jane shares her best ideas for utilising just 10 minutes before work in order to get the biggest result in your life!

“If you only have ten minutes to spare before work each day, getting some cardio in to your routine is the absolute best advice I can offer.  Cardio will increase heart health and blood flow, it will get your metabolism started and improve your capacity to maintain healthy weight.  It will also help to balance your hormones thus positively affecting your mood, skin & hair health, bone strength & organ health.  It will ensure better quality of sleep and enable you to concentrate more for longer.  Try 10 minutes of:

  • Jogging in one place
  • Using a treadmill at a brisk pace
  • Dancing to your favourite music
  • Fast paced yoga stretches such as sun salutations
  • Walk in a park, around the block or wherever is available to you.”

Amanda Jane is one of the most vibrantly positive people we have ever come across, her enthusiasm for life is infectious!  She will be leading Health and Wellness Retreats with dates that are now booking for the remainder of 2018 and 2019.

If you find yourself lacking a little motivation here are her favourite quotes to live by!

“You will be disappointed if you let your dreams and goals pass you by, so go after them!”

“Life is not about Finding Yourself but Creating Yourself”

and our favourite…

“Live, Love and know you are on Your Journey!”

To get more information about one of Amanda Jane’s very special Retreats, or to make a booking simply email

From all of us at Bali Lifestyle and Fitness Retreats, we hope you’re having a beautiful day!

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